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At TriTechne, we bring together cutting-edge technology, standardized processes, and industry expertise to empower our clients to achieve network connectivity excellence.
Company Overview
Established in 2015, TriTechne stands as a comprehensive Full-Turnkey Network Services Company. With a dedicated team spanning coast to coast, we specialize in creating, expanding, and maintaining network components for our clients. Leveraging our meticulously crafted processes, we adeptly tailor solutions to meet their unique needs.

Our hands-on team is committed to providing support in both Wireline and Wireless Telecom Verticals, offering expertise in Planning, Site Acquisition, Engineering, Construction, Splicing, and Test & Turn-Up. These multifaceted capabilities position us to collaborate with utility owners, aiding them in fulfilling their network requirements and achieving strategic goals.

Boasting over 50 years of collective experience in the telecom industry, our leaders bring a wealth of program knowledge that is actively applied to solve real-time challenges faced by utility owners. Our overarching goal is to establish meaningful partnerships, guiding utility owners through the dynamic landscape of the industry with efficiency and economic success in mind.

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Chase Blackwell

Owner & President

Nathan Slay

Director of Operations for Engineering Services

Dustin Slay

Director of Operations for Construction Services

JT Blackwell

Director of Business Development
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