From Conception & Planning to Approval of Funding & Permit, TriTechne’s Engineering Team can help on projects large and small. Explore TriTechne’s Engineering Service Options.
TriTechne provides all types of Engineering Services across the country to Utility Owners.

I. 2023 Service Highlight.

II. 80% of the fiber being deployed in the next 5 years, will be on Aerial Infrastructure. It is a top priority to ensure that infrastructure is sound, and the new facilities are following all regulations and codes.

III. TriTechne has developed it’s own proprietary software that automates this process. Based on the NESC Codes & Standards, and able to be tailored with stricter guidelines, our “MRE Tool” can assess, plan and deliver 1000’s of poles in a matter of hours.  

  1. MRE Tool:

            A. Complete Make-Ready Engineering

            B. Pole Load Analysis’

            C. Permitting Application and Submission Processing

I. As utility owners are looking at new fiber infrastructure or phasing out old infrastructure, large scale projects can be daunting from an Engineering & Permitting Perspective. TriTechne assists owners as a partner in the this effort to ensure a project is on-time & on-budget.

  1. Design Engineering
  2. Multi-Agency/Jurisdiction Permitting
  3. As-builts & Construction Management/Assistance

I. TriTechne Assisted Utility Owners in the completion of 1M Customers On-Net in 2022. As Business and Consumers are desiring higher bandwidth & low-latency options, FTTX Services are in high demand, for Utility Owners. This is an area that TriTechne’s Teams excel.

II. No Matter the architecture type, our teams have the experience necessary to ensure your design is tailored to your network.

  1. Centralized Split
  2. Distributed Split
  3. Distributed Tap

III. Our Permitting Teams understand how to keep projects moving fast & efficient to streamline the process and get it to construction.

I. With the number of projects being deployed, Utility Owners sometimes need additional support to manage and ensure that their network is being completed by the specs, on-time and on-budget. TriTechne provides Construction Inspection & Management personnel to assist Utility Owners with this support.

II. Types of Support:

  1. Pre Construction Kick-Off
  2. On-Site Construction Inspectors
  3. Post Construction Audits

I. All different types of Utility Owners upgrade their networks to Fiber. TriTechne specializes in unique builds in a campus type environment. Whether its direct fiber connects to multi-switch locations or running in conjunction to establish a new Wireless Network, our teams understand how to plan and design each different type of situation.

II. Project Types:

  1. College Campuses
  2. Federal Prison Sites
  3. Hospital Campuses
  4. Large Venue Sports Complexes
  5. Multi-Building Business Complexes

I. As infrastructure ages, so does the knowledge around that infrastructure. TriTechne provides a whole portfolio of options to utility owners who are looking to audit or inspect their current assets.

  1. Types of Audit & Inspection Options:

            A. Joint-Use Pole Audits

            B. Pole Inspection

            C. Network Cabinet & Central Office Audit & Inspection

            D. Port Audits

I. TriTechne aids wireless providers in all steps of the process for Wireless Network Deployments. From Site Acquisition to Design Engineering.

II. Project Types:

  1. Small Cell
  2. DAS
  3. Site Acquisition & Utility Attachment Agreements
  4. Specialized Networks
    A. Specific Bands deployed for Emergency Teams, and Protection Services.